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PMP's Benefit All Facilities Including:

Medical Offices, Health Care Facilities and Hospitals Assisted Living Facilities and Specialty Communities Financial Institutions and Banks Corporate Offices and Headquarters Educational Institutions and Schools Class A Commercial Office Buildings
Benefits of Preventative Maintenance Programs:
Reduction in operating costs. Development and Implementation of annual operating scope, schedule and budget. Improved facility performance, increased level of safety, minimal equipment failure and decreased frequency of comfort and cosmetic complaints. 24/7 Emergency Response
Programs Custom Tailored to Optimize your Facilities’ Full Potential

PROperties, Inc. structures services and preventative maintenance programs to accommodate and respond to the needs of our clients and their specific facility characteristics, as a result of our flexibility and diversity in managing a wide variation in scope we have built strong client relationships in multiple types of facilities in the market

Our Approach:
Step 1.

PROperties, Inc. will work with you to identify the challenges, deficiencies and specific needs of your facility.

Step 2.

Once facility items and priorities have been established we conduct a detailed facility survey of the indicated systems, equipment, contracts and operating expenses.

Step 3.

With the data gathered from the facility survey PROperties, Inc will develop compressive analysis on the performance and efficiency of targeted scope and present our comparable proposal outlining how and where we can reduce operating costs, enhance efficiency, eliminate unnecessary failures, budget for capital projects and create a safe, healthy and productive environment.

“The PROperties team is courteous, professional, prompt and communicates well with our management… I am pleased to recommend the PROperties team to others who want to keep their facilities running smoothly and looking like new.”
Step 4.

Program Implementation: PROperties, Inc. provides all customers with the following:
•A Detailed Scope of work and services
•Extensive facility equipment list
•Annual Services Schedule and Task List
•24/7 Emergency Response and Service
•Reduced Contract labor rate for service work

24/7 Emergency Response

Our Preventative Maintenance Program customers enjoy the security of 24/7 emergency on call service. Help is always just a phone call away.

We would love the opportunity to provide a no obligation survey of your needs.

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Maximize Your Operational Efficiency with Our Preventative Maintenance Programs


Discover how PROperties, Inc enables business decision makers to get a handle on their operational, maintenance budgets.

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